Group CrossFit Classes

An expert coach will guide the class through one hour of fitness, starting with a comprehensive warm up, a skill/strength portion, and the workout of the day. We follow CrossFit methodology, which includes cardio, gymnastic/bodyweight movements, and weightlifting. The workouts are constantly varied, which keeps training fun!

On Ramp Class

For those new to CrossFit - a one on one personal training session that teaches you all of the movements so you feel confident in classes. This is required for those that do not have experience, $95 + tax.

Personal Training

Get individualized programming designed specifically for you to help you meet your goals. Each session includes an individualized warm-up, mobility work, skill and/or strength work, a workout, and a post-workout cool down.

Physical Therapy

Co-owner and head coach Ashley Henriques, PT, DPT offers physical therapy out of our facility through Limitless Physical Therapy, LLC.

Open Gym

Open gym time is offered throughout the week. Daily bonus programming and mobility work is included in your membership!

Longevity Class

For those 50 years old & up. This class is taught by a physical therapist and focuses on strength, cardio, balance. Stay strong, stay moving, and keep doing the things you love to do.