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Inclusivity is a founding principle of our gym. We welcome people of any race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, income level, size, and athletic ability. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, you are welcome here!

Our expert coaching, fun programming, and vibrant community will help you stay fit for life.

Meet Our Coaches

Ashley (she/her)

Co-Owner, Head Coach

How has ECCF changed your life? This gym is way more than a gym. Mentally and physically it has pushed me to do things I never thought were possible. I have made lifelong friendships. I have completely changed my career path. It has made me a much better coach, physical therapist, friend, and wife.

Haley (she/her)

Co-Owner, Coach

How has ECCF changed your life? The friendships I've made at ECCF have changed my life, and I never dreamed I would be fit enough to do even half the stuff I can do now. This place is pretty darn special.

Bethany (she/her)

Co-owner, Nutrition Coach

How has ECCF changed your life? Outside of all the lovely adjectives of all the physical 'things' the gym has brought into my life, ECCF is where I found my true north, my self-confidence, and my 'family'. It helped me find my inner and outer strength. Also, it has gifted me with the best group of people. I'm so grateful!

Ben (he/him)


How has ECCF changed your life? ECCF is rooted in community, respect, and pursuing health. Being a member (then owner) has been one of the highlights of my adult life. I've made a diverse and loving group of friends at the gym, and working out with the community is the best part of my day.

Michelle (she/her)


How has ECCF changed your life? ECCF has changed my life as I have found a strong community and friends that I am so grateful to have and belong to. I love going to the gym and it feels like home.

Travis (he/him)


How has ECCF changed my life? Maxing out at 235lbs, the word athlete was never something I heard early on in life. It was not until junior year of college when the light bulb turned on and I decided to make a change. I found functional fitness in 2009, it was love after first squat-clean! I love ECCF because of the community and for the positive habits it has helped me to establish. From increased confidence and positive self-image, to healthier lifestyle habits, ECCF was the catalyst I needed to take me where I have always wanted to go as an athlete.

Grey (they/them)


How has ECCF changed your life Before joining ECCF, I was struggling with chronic pain as a result of a back injury. It has taken me a long time, but after consistently going to ECCF and revamping my mobility routines, my pain has significantly improved and I have more pain free days than ever before.

Bailey (she/her)


How has ECCF changed your life? ECCF has changed my life by showing me what I am capable of. Before joining ECCF, I would never have attempted gymnastics skills like handstands and toes to bar. I am so much tougher mentally and physically now!